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SAFe Meetup at Agile Tour 2012 Germany

There are not that many experts for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in Germany yet but it is becoming more and more popular. At the moment I am one of just two certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPC) in Germany. Together with other experts for SAFe we will meet at the Agile Tour in Stuttgart/Germany, November 22nd.

Part of the program for Agile Tour is a short introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework and Rally will demonstrate how their tools are supporting SAFe.

So in case you are interested in the Scaled Agile Framework you should not miss the opportunity to talk to the SAFe experts present at the Agile Tour.

There are also a lot of other highly interesting topics that are covered by the program and the best is: Its a real bargain! For only 50 EUR (which also includes food & drinks) you get a whole day of agile topics and the chance to network with agile experts and other agile adopters. Additionally there is a room for open space sessions where you might be able to put your topics on the agenda.

My advice: Don’t miss the chance and attend the first German Agile Tour event!


Please note: Most of the presentations will probably given in German.

A new new taskboard for product development

There are loads of blog posts covering topics on how to shape the perfect taskboard (Kanban/Scrumban/Scrum/Task-boards) for your agile team. My team tries to complete an ever changing project with less than twelve two-day sprints, which puts our regular board design to its limits. We tried to create a board that can actually accommodate our ever changing ideas (and solutions) and thereby created a completely different kind of taskboard.

This is how we did it:

Product Owner, UX experts and the development team sketched the components (and interactions, events, …) for a new feature onto a plain whiteboard and thereby drew the goal for the next iterations. By doing so the board even became part of the documentation as all UI elements are already displayed (and prioritized) as part of the daily work. This clearly increased the teams product focus and made the goal of the current super short iteration visible: Finish the component you are currently working on!

The current task for each developer is shown with his very own magnet. Our WIP-Limit at hand is one – so there is just one magnet per team member. Whenever a task (e.g. frontend-element) is finished the developer reviews it with another team member. If both agree, that it fulfills our definition of done (DoD) both just put a checkmark on it.
Things that are not sketchable on the board like profiling, backend-services or stylesheets have their bubbles outside the drawn userinterface.
As many other teams we also have technical dept. For bugs we have our very own fastlane bubble where bugs can be placed and the next free developer can start working on them.

On a board like this it is difficult to visualize the priority of work items. For that reason we scribbled the priority of the UI elements directly onto the front end elements. That leads to the drawback that one has to search the board when looking for the “next important” element, but this seems to be a small price to pay for such a taskboard.

By the way, since the task board has been designed and the elements have been visualized ,we were much more successful to identify further important improvements (to be addressed in the next 2 day iteration) while working on the elements.

At the moment we are very satisfied with the results we get – but we are still in the beginning of our project with only a few two-day sprints finished. We believe that there are still loads of opportunities to further improve the design of the taskboard and the way we are working with it.

Our “inspect and adapt” cycle has just started.

Agile Eastern Europe 2012

The last two years we (Stanislav and I) haven been at the Agile Eastern Europe conference in Kiev. We enjoyed the conference a lot (see summaries for  AgileEE 2010, AgileEE 2011) as we met fantastic peoples, had highly interesting discussions and I gave a lightening talk about the Definition of Ready (DoR).

Unfortunately we will not make it to the conference this year but we decided to join the info partnership program and therefore we will publish the latest announcements for AgileEE 2012 here in our blog.


Preached & Practiced

6-7 October, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine

We have considered the last years’ experience. We have incorporated the past times’ success. We have practiced, preached and matured.


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AGILEEE 2012 is speaking loud with four amazing keynotes in two days!


Henrik Kniberg will challenge how far you can go. His talk, based on his book “Lean from the Trenches,” will present lessons learned from an enterprise-scale Lean and Agile transformation.


Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd will take you through rich team coaching experiences with their paired and highly collaborative talk.


The Dude is back! David Hussman will perform live jazz on the keynote stage. You don’t have to believe it. Come and witness for yourself.


Steve Keil: outstanding speaker, investor and teacher will fire your entrepreneurial spirit.

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